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Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™

This product is a series of automated instruments for microbial identification (ID) and antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST). The system allows for both fully automated and semi-automated testing within a single integrated framework, utilizing Broth Microdilution (BMD) as the gold standard for ID/AST accuracy. Additionally, the Sensititre system enables consolidation of confirmation testing and complies with FDA, CLSI, and EUCAST breakpoint requirements, offering a selection of over 300 available antimicrobials.


Standardization of inoculum density is made easy and quick with Sensititre™ using the standard 0.5 McFarland nephelometer.


Sensititre™ AIM™ can facilitate automatic pipetting with an easy-to-use touchscreen-based setup for precise and intuitive plate inoculation. AIM has a simple and user-friendly design, making it convenient for placement in laboratories of various sizes.


Sensititre™ ARIS HiQ™, a part of Sensititre as an automated incubation and reading system for antimicrobial susceptibility testing and pathogen identification (ID/AST). This system is designed to accommodate up to 100 Sensititre ID/AST plates within a single instrument. ARIS HiQ aids microbiology laboratories in providing accurate sensitivity testing for various antimicrobials and delivers precise results for doctors, analysts, and healthcare departments. By providing crucial data to support decisions in recommending the right antimicrobials, at the appropriate dosage, and at the right time, ARIS HiQ plays a crucial role in enhancing patient care.


Sensititre™ OptiRead enables automatic reading for antimicrobial susceptibility testing and pathogen identification, transmitting test results for processing, interpretation, and report generation, thereby enhancing laboratory efficiency and productivity.


Consolidate all offline testing on a single instrument, for maximum efficiency, with the Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ Vizion™ Digital MIC Viewing System, which combines automation with visual results. Just place your plate in the Vizion instrument, and customizable lighting options facilitate efficient, manual reading of all organisms. The easy-to-read digital plate image allows users to easily read and record MIC results, eliminating manual reading errors. Using the powerful Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ SWIN™ Software System, store images to expedite teaching, sharing, and decision-making, with LIS connectivity.

SWIN Software

Consolidate your entire test program on a single software platform while enhancing data entry and reporting with the Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ SWIN™ Software System. Simple touch screen navigation puts results at your fingertips while drop-down fields eliminate manual entry errors for all manual, semi-automated and fully automated reads.

SWIN Epidemiology Module

The SWIN Epidemiology Module allows users to access data quickly via detailed reporting capabilities and multiple search options. In just minutes, laboratories can create comprehensive reports of geographically distinct resistance patterns and track changes over time as part of their antimicrobial susceptibility testing and stewardship programs.

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