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Sysmex CN-Series | CN-3000, CN-6000

“The Sysmex CN-3000/6000 is the most updated and advance automated coagulation instrument that offers comprehensive haemoastasis testing (Routine & Advance). This instrument can perform primary (platelet aggregation) and secondary haemostasis test measurement together.  Using Sysmex multi-wavelength technology and LED light as the source, it allows the use of optimum wavelength based on the characteristics of the sample to enhance accuracy and reliability of the result. The Sysmex CN-Series can improve efficiency and provide more accurate results, making it a suitable solution for haemostasis testing in high throughput clinical laboratories”

Sysmex CS-5100

The CS-5100 is a superb haemostasis analyser. With a throughput of up to 400 tests per hour, it delivers high quality results in a very short timeframe. With its powerful multi-wavelength technology, it has 20 channels for clotting, chromogenic and immunoassays and eight for platelet aggregation with automatic stirring. The device also checks automatically for interfering substances (HIL) and can be run in random access with other assays.   

Sysmex CS-2500

The Sysmex CS-2500 is an automated coagulation instrument with the forefront standard of accuracy, utilising multi-wavelength technology and offering pre-analytical features, as well as assisting in the evaluation of abnormal results with automatic mixing.

Sysmex CS-1600

All our CS-series instruments consolidate and automate a wide range of haemostasis tests in a single analyser – both routine and specialty testing – and use the latest multi-wavelength technology with rapid throughput. The CS-1600 model offers ‘the best of both worlds’:

It combines the reliable, proven mechanics of the former CA-1500 model with the advanced CS-series technology in a compact analyser. The integrated cap-piercing means testing is straightforward and safe with analysis from closed primary tubes. With its access to a broad portfolio of specialty parameters, the CS-1600 suits a wide range of laboratories as a primary analyser, but you can also easily integrate the analyser in your CS network solution:

All CS machines have a common graphic user interface and the CS technology delivers good comparability with results from other CS-series analysers.

Sysmex CA-600 Series | CA-620, CA-660

The CA-600 Series is an automated and compact coagulation instrument with optical detection technology suitable for your laboratory. The CA-600 Series offers automation for clotting, chromogenic, and immunology assays, including D-Dimer, combining ease of use with diagnostic strength.

Sysmex CA-104 Series

The Sysmex CA-104 is a semi-automated coagulation instrument that aids laboratories in simplifying and standardising the coagulation testing process compared to manual methods. It is highly suitable for laboratories conducting routine coagulation tests with a relatively low test volume, aiming to streamline coagulation testing for improved standardisation and reproducibility. This semi-automated coagulation analyser, with its compact and user-friendly four-channel design, utilises the principles of photo-optic turbodensitometric detection to analyse routine coagulation tests such as PT, APTT, TT, Fbg, and individual factors.

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