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RAKERNAS PATELKI XVII 2024 was held in Malang City from May 30th until June 1st with the theme of “PATELKI’s Firmness for Glorious ATLM in the Success of Health Transformation.” The event was filled with workshops, symposiums, and exhibition activities. PT. Saba Indomedika in collaboration with PT. Sysmex Indonesia, participated in the exhibition and lunch symposium related to “Close System and Caresphere.”

The 2024 RAKERNAS PATELKI event was attended by all the members from various regions in Indonesia and showed the team’s unity in achieving brilliant success.

Booth activities of PT. Saba Indomedika and PT. Sysmex Indonesia is always ‘distinctive and exclusive’. Besides introducing the products, the booth was also filled with some interesting games, such as dart board games, kahoot, and door prizes, which made visitors’ enthusiasm even higher

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