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The innovative pre-analytical products from Vacuette provide a comprehensive solution, encompassing blood collection tubes, needles, and accessories, ensuring comfort and safety throughout the blood collection process.

Vacuette Blood Collection Tube

  1. Coagulation sodium citrate /CTA
  2. LH Lithium Heparin
  3. ESR sodium citrate
  4. Z Serum Clot Activator
  5. Etc.

Vacuette Blood collection needles and accessories

  1. Tube Holders
  2. Blood Collection Needles
  3. Vacuette Tourniquet
  4. Blood Collection Sets

Vacuette Safety Blood Collection Needles and Accesories

  1. Safety Blood Collection Sets
  2. SAFETY Blood Collection Sets + Luer Adapters
  3. QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube
  4. CLIX Safety Hypodermic Needle
  5. Etc.

Vacuette MiniCollect

  1. Capillary Blood Collection System – Tubes
    – Z No Additive
    – Z Serum
  2. Capillary Blood Collection System – Lancets
    – Safety Lancets with Blade
    – Safety Lancets with Needle


Samplix is an innovative vacuum tube developed by experts at Greiner Bio-One, setting trends in pre-analytical products. Samplix is designed for professional users in clinical laboratories to collect, store, and process serum, plasma, or whole blood samples.

Samplix Blood Collection Tube

  1. SAMPLIX Tube
  2. K2E K2EDTA 2 ml
  3. SAMPLIX Tube
  4. K2E K2EDTA 3 ml
  5. SAMPLIX Tube
  6. K3E K2EDTA 3 mL
  7. SAMPLIX Tube
  8. CAT Serum Clot Activator 4 mL
  9. SAMPLIX Tube CAT Serum Clot Activator 6 mL
  10. SAMPLIX Tube CAT Serum Separator Clot Activator 4 mL
  11. SAMPLIX® Tube CAT Serum Separator Clot Activator 5mL
  12. SAMPLIX® Tube LH Lithium Heparin 4mL
  13. SAMPLIX® Tube LH Lithium Heparin 6mL
  14. SAMPLIX® Tube LH Lithium Heparin Separator 4mL
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