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Shimadzu Digital Mobile X-Ray System

MobileDaRt Evolution is further refined into the MX8 Version featuring the collapsible column to broaden the mobile’s solutions.

With flexible DR/FPD combination, collapsible column, and power-assist functionality, MobileDaRt Evolution provides ideal workflow and clinical functionality for ward rounds, ICU, NICU, emergency rooms(ER), or operating rooms(OR). Followings are part of the great features.

  • Responsive and maneuverable mobility
  • Quick image verification offering immediacy
  • Large viewing monitor for enhanced functionality.

Shimadzu Digital General X-Ray System

RADspeed Pro style edition featuring GLIDE Technology is the automatic ceiling suspended type of the RADspeed Pro style edition series. The system enhances productivity, user operability, patient comfort, and safety.


Shimadzu Digital RF System

SONIALVISION G4 LX edition, remote controlled multi-purpose universal R/F system, can be used for a wide variety of examinations, including orthopedics, general radiography, barium studies, endoscopy, urology, angiography, etc. It improves the productivity of your R/F room while supporting high-level procedures with exceptional image quality at a minimum X-ray dose level.


Shimadzu Digital Angiography System

The Trinias series with SCORE Opera is a Crossover Angiography System developed to provide solutions for the evolving challenges in medical treatment centers. This system is designed based on three core principles: ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) Design, Lean Design, and Sustainable Design.


Medi-Future Digital Mammography System

MEDI-FUTURE places the greatest emphasis on image processing, which is core technology and a top priority in digital mammography. SOUL’s superior image quality is a tribute to MEDI-FUTURE’s highly developed image processing technology and the direct type sensor.

Undistorted and realistic images will significantly lower the rate of false-positive results, letting radiologists be more certain of suspicious lesions.

Furthermore, MEDI-FUTURE has manufactured women’s healthcare devices with beautiful designs, and SOUL is the end result at the zenith of our passion, which was proven by receiving the “Good Design” mark.


Medikors Bone Mineral Densitometry

X-ray bone densitometer is a medical device that can measure bone mineral density and check osteoporosis. We use dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) using low-energy X-ray and high-energy X-ray attenuation. The X-rays emitted from the X-ray generator pass through the tissues adjacent to the patient’s bones and then detected by the FAN Beam method at the detector. The detected X-rays are analyzed with two energies (high energy and low energy).
The BMD values measured in this way are faster and more accurate.
You can check osteoporosis by comparing and analyzing result data with reference data.

  •  Scan type: FAN beam
  •  Measuring time: spine (about 30 sec), Femur (about 30 sec), Forearm (about 30 sec), Lateral Spine (about 30 sec), LVA (about 60 sec), Half Body (about 180 sec)
  • Standard scan site  : AP Spine, L/R Femur
  •  Optional function   : L/R Forearm, Lateral spine, LVA, Half body composition
  • Precision                  : < 1% CV (1.0g/cm²)
  • Accuracy                  : ± 1%
  • Auto ROI                   : Automatic ROI (region of interest) classification after measuring
  • Radiation dose        : Less than 10mRem per 1 time
  • System interlock  : Supports DICOM and Maria DB compatibility between different systems.
  •  Multiple output feature     : Results, patient information, BMD, trend output
  • Trend comparison              : Trend data comparison of each region
  •  History                                : you can see the record of the patient in the past.
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