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Li - Heparin

VACUETTE® heparin tubes are used in determinations for clinical chemistry and immunology, hormones, TDM and microbiological serology. Heparin tubes from Greiner Bio-One are available in three different versions: LH Lithium Heparin, LH Lithium Heparin Sep and NH Sodium Heparin.

Item No : 454084

VACUETTE® TUBE 4 ml LH Lithium Heparin 13×75 green cap-black ring, PREMIUM

Item No : 455084

VACUETTE® TUBE 9 ml LH Lithium Heparin 16×100 green cap-black ring, non-ridged

Item No : 454083

VACUETTE® TUBE 3.5 ml LH Lithium Heparin Separator 13×75 green cap-yellow ring, PREMIUM

Item No : 456083

VACUETTE® TUBE 5 ml LH Lithium Heparin Separator 13×100 green cap-yellow ring, PREMIUM

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