TRANS-AGE ITM800 automatically generates corresponding bar code label in light of blood collection information of patients, selects tube in an intelligent way and automatically sticks the label onto blood collection tube accurately to effectively avoid errors caused by human factors and greatly optimize blood collection process in line with intelligent calling & queuing system.

Main features of product:

● Intelligent selection of blood collection tubes, bar code printing and automatic labelling
● One-key completion and easy operation
● Desktop design, compact structure and powerful function
● Applicable to ward, outpatient department, physical examination centre and other blood collection points
● Connected to calling & queuing system and LIS system of the hospital

Performance features:

● Open loading and unloading of tubes, convenient to add at any time
● Compatible with various specifications of main blood collection tube
● Accommodate 240 tubes of 8 types in different colours that can be loaded randomly
● Automatically identify colour of blood collection tube, efficient and accurate
● Tubes are transported by manipulator to prevent them from getting stuck, patent design, pioneering in China
● Two built-in label print modes