The full-automated intelligent blood collection management system replaces the traditional blood collection process, and consists of intelligent calling & queuing multi-task central dispatching system, intelligent tube selection and labelling system, intelligent tube sorting and automatic transport system, integrated management system of blood collection tables, HIS/LIS interface module and backstage management system. It makes blood collection process simpler and more reliable.

This system links hospital information system (HIS) and laboratory information system (LIS) , which gives play to more effectiveness, makes for workload statistics and materials management, realizes intelligent management of the whole course of blood collection, and comprehensively improves hospital management and automation level. It improves the original manual operation process of blood collection, enhances the working efficiency by more than three times, optimizes working process of laboratory and effectively prevents artificial errors. Efficient, accurate and reliable automation and intelligentization is realized from blood collection process, development of informatization and digitization as well as hospital management.

Main features of product:

• Connected to HIS and LIS systems to realize intelligent management of the whole course of blood collection.
• An independent labelling machine is configured at each blood collection table, operating up to 720 tubes at a high speed per hour. Both labelling speed and stability are far superior to the tube supply mode of one labelling machine providing multiple blood collection tables. The fault of single machine will not affect operation of the whole assembly line.
• The capacity of each machine is 500 conventional blood collection tubes of 10 different types. Tube loading is in slide way without shutdown machine.
• Exclusive patent design and manipulator is used for selection, labelling and transfer of blood collection tubes, greatly guaranteeing stability of operation and safety.