The full-automated blood collection tube sorting system recently developed by the company is composed of signal acquisition, data communication and actuator. This tube sorting system is equipped with two channels, simple overall structure and powerful functions. Bar code recognition is used for more accurate classification, and automatic classification and collection is conducted according to preset sorting rules (e.g. blood routine, biochemistry, immunity, blood coagulation, etc.). Operators can directly place the specimens in different analysers for detection after sorting and collection.

Connected to HIS/LIS system, this system automatically identifies samples, and tracks each sample in a real-time way as an important link in sample tracking system. Statistical model can be established to automatically record time and number of various samples, and conduct statistical analysis to provide basic data for sample management of departments.

Main features of product:

• Dual-channel design, compact structure and powerful function
• More accurate bar code recognition and classification
• Self-defined sorting type as needed by users and more flexible use
• Connected to blood collection assembly line to gather samples into sorting bin; support direct placement of external samples in sorting bin
• Unique pre-sorting function automatically classifies unrecognizable samples to specific compartments for pre-treatment of users
• Support statistical analysis of data and realize intelligent management