The UF-5000, based on Sysmex’s globally renowned fluorescence flow cytometry (FFC), represents the latest in urinalysis technology. It can be used as a standalone analyzer, or as part of the modular UN-Series for a truly walkaway, seamless urinalysis workplace solution from sample loading to the final digital image.

  • Easy-to-use U-WAM software offers an extensive database for storage of data and images up to 100,000 entries
  • Sample analysis in less than one minute
  • UF-4000: 80 samples per hour
  • UF-5000: 105 samples per hour
  • Helps decrease bacterial antibiotic resistance and culture workload with quantitative and highly sensitive bacteria count
  • RBC morphology information – a useful parameter for diagnosis of renal disease
  • Effortlessly switch from urine to body fluid mode. This on board mode analyzes up to 20 samples per hour
  • Standalone or integrated with chemistry UC-3500 analyzer and UD-10 urine particle digital imaging device as a true walkaway analyzer


Within the UN-Series, the UD-10 closes the total urinalysis workflow by capturing the particle images in urine samples. With its stage scanning technology, you confirm abnormal results from previous chemical and sediment analysis in a fully automated device.

  • An imaging device that improves efficiency and productivity in the urine testing field
  • This particle imaging device uses a high definition CCD camera to recognize the difference in luminance between the particles and the background
  • Intuitive user interface with color liquid crystal touch panel enables real time verification without manual microscopic review
  • Throughput is 50 samples per hour. Flexible to integrate with UF-5000/4000 into a true walkaway urine system


The new UC-3500 is a fully automated urine chemistry analyzer that offers particularly high clinical value.

Urine sample material is dropped onto each pad of a dedicated test strip within the analyzer. The entire sequence, starting from sample aspiration, to color comparison and final output of the results is fully automatic. In addition to the five system parameters, the 11 test strip parameters include microalbumin and creatinine.

  • Fast and reliable throughput up to 276 samples per hour
  • New technology for photometry with Color CMOS sensor
  • Additional kidney disorder screening capability with Creatinine, Albumin, Protein/ Creatinine ratio and Albumin/ Creatinine ratio
  • Standalone or integrated with UF-5000/4000 analyzer as a true walkaway analyzer