XN-L Series

XN-L Series is the latest compact fully-automated 6-part differential hematology analyzer by Sysmex. It is designed to meet today’s laboratory needs by providing enhanced clinical values that only XN-Series were previously able to provide, while improving operational efficiency in the laboratories.

XN-L Series is suitable for small to medium laboratories, emergency labs, satellite labs, speciality labs and laboratories opting for a backup system for XN-Series.


  • 6-part differential hematology analyzer utilizing Fluorescent Flow Cytometry method.
  • Hourly throughput of up to 70 samples.
  • Compact design with in-built IPU to fit easily to any laboratory bench or table.
  • Easy-to-use user interface similar to XN-Series to support routine tasks
  • XN-L Series is available in 3 models with different aspiration modes to cater for various customer requirements.

XN 330

- Open tube analysis
- Up to 60 samples/hour


Open tube analysis


Closed tube analysis


Sampler model with: Continuous sample loading for a truly walk-away system Integrated repeat, rerun, reflex rules for improved workflow