CA Series

CA-600 Series

CA-600 series is a compact, fully automated coagulation analyzer offering clotting, chromogenic and immunologic measurement including D-Dimer test in true random access.

  • The right solution for small to mid-sized laboratory
  • Analytical excellence
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Improved data management


Ideal for laboratories that require minimum manual intervention in performing routine coagulation assays. It is designed to simplify coagulation testing making it more standardized and reproducible.

  • Coagulation testing is made easy with built-in timer, temperature control and auto-start and timing of measuring process.
  • Easy to use with pre-programmed methods.
  • Automatic light intensity adjustment according to the turbidity of the plasma, making it possible to measure icteric or lipemicplasma reliably.
  • Sophisticated standard curve tool to maintain accuracy and precision.
  • Increased throughput with short incubation time.
  • A technology that requires only half the sample and reagent volume for testing as compared to manual method.