Crossover the fields, Experience advanced IVR support

Crossover the fields, Experience advanced IVR support


The concept of Trinias series unity smart edition

unityunlimited intelligent technology

Personalize your experience for ultimate flexibility
Limitless Potential for Efficient Workflow
Intelligent design for intelligent care

Intelligent design delivers reliable workspace

Trinias has designed in smart form with pleasant colors such as light-green and white. This intelligent design inspires both patients and clinical users with confidence and relax.

Intelligent design delivers reliable workspace

Integrated operating environment encourages efficient workflow

Incorporating "SMART Touch", a customizable touch panel console that enables intuitive operation from the table side as standard.
The new design of the graphic user interface of the main monitor enhances the display of all the essential information during procedures, including system geometric information and X-ray irradiation dose, further improving system workflow.

Information-gathering without moving sight

"Emphasize identification of functions by color"
By changing the button color, you can intuitively operate while concentrating on treatment.

Customizable user interface "SMART Touch"

Flex-APS ∼Advanced real-time pixel shift for DSA∼

Flex-APS saves time by automatically adjusting three-dimensional misregistration caused by all body movements, including twist motion, providing enhanced DSA imaging.

Intelligent design delivers reliable workspace

SCORE Chase* Improves Visibility of Entire Lower Extremities Area

Shimadzu SCORE Chase enables freely panning longitudinally or laterally during exposures to trace blood flow through blood vessels.
After exposure, SCORE Chase instantly creates a positionally-corrected stitched image automatically and displays it on the monitor so that the overall blood flow through blood vessels in the lower extremities can be determined easily.

Intelligent design delivers reliable workspace

SCORE StentView*

SCORE StentView is the latest, advanced version of StentView, considered truly revolutionary by many clinical users, allowing you to enhance stents and adjust position in dynamic images in real-time. The function for specifying the region of interest(ROI) now allows multiple markers to be used for automatic detection, which contributes to higher detection efficiency and shorter examination times.

Intelligent design delivers reliable workspace

Real-Time Observation Without Looking Away

Simply pressing the [Stentview] button or pressing the foot switch automatically displays the Stentview image on the live monitor that the operator is watching. Because Stentview images can be viewed in real time without looking away from the live monitor, Stentview can be used without interrupting the procedure.

SCORE StentShot ∼High definitive device visualization∼*

Outstanding stent visualization with SCORE StentShot enhances patients' safety and reduces treatment time. This application provides a static noise free, stent enhanced image, for optimum, post-deployment stent visualization.


Intelligent design delivers reliable workspace