Contributing to Society through Science and Technology

It all started with an insatiable thirst for science and technology and a firm resolve about what was necessary for the future of Japan.

Around 1875, about 140 years ago, founder Genzo Shimadzu Sr. began manufacturing physics and chemistry instruments needed during the era, while also learning about the latest technologies. That marked the beginning of our history as the Shimadzu Corporatrion. The resolve of our predecessors, in the early period after Shimadzu was founded, to supply what customers needed is still carried on to this day and shows itself in our current determination to use science and technology to meet the needs of society and customers an contribute to a more prosperous, safer, and more secure society. Therefore, it can be said that our history is a history of contributing to society. Today, science and technology is increasingly important for solving the progressively more diversified and complex challenges of society. Consequently, we will continue to make tireless efforts to acquire new knowledge and skilles and contribute to society by providing solutions for creating new things and achieving things no one has ever accomplished before.

Striving to “Become a Company that Builds the Foundation for a Prosperous, Safe, and Secure Society and is Needed”

Thoughout the over 140 years since Shimadzu was founded in 1875, the challenges of society gave become progressively more diversified and complex but Shimadzu has remained steadfastly dedicated to solving those challenges, building the foundations for prosperous, safe, and secure society needed by stakeholders, based on our corporate phlosophy and management principle.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]