Starrsed RS

Starrsed is the world’s only product line that allows laboratories to perform ESR tests at large scale that are fully in agreement with the Westergren Method (the Gold Standard). An hourly capacity of approximately 135 samples brings ESR sampling to new heights. The Starrsed RS works with standard blood cell counter racks and performs dedicated ESR measurements fully unattended. Simply place any blood cell counter rack in the rack-adapter and walk away – The Starrsed RS takes over. The rack loader minimizes the operator’s time to virtually zero and makes it is easy to use by every employee in your laboratory. The Starrsed RS with 84 Westergren pipettes inside the instrument and measures the sedimentation for each pipette within 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Gold Standard Westergren (CLSI and ICSH standard reference method)
  • Available to Starrsed Control
Fully automatic operational
  • 1.4 mL Whole blood EDTA sample (include hematology test)
  • No additional sample tube
  • Closed system: no open blood samples inside the lab
  • Fully integrated auto dilution 4:1
  • Able to process up to five racks at a time
  • Batch processing instrument (walk away)
  • LIS connectivity
Simple to maintain
  • Fully automatic cleaning and wash
  • Fully automatic daily maintenance

No Disposable Glass Pipette
  • no additional costs for new pipettes
  • No disposable plastics
  • Long life time (permanent)
Optical sensors of infrared light
  • Reliable Output test
  • actually identify and report hazy samples
  • Not Influence hematocrit level