Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Medica EasyRA analyzer is a fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer that accommodates the diverse needs of small laboratories. The EasyRA analyzer is specifically designed to provide high quality clinical chemistry analysis with low operating costs. With 150 tests per hour, 24 sample positions, 24 reagents on board. EasyRA is the easy choice for your laboratory’s clinical chemistry analysis needs.
Intentionally Easy to use
  • EasyRA is quickly operational and ready to run samples. Friendly displays clearly signal the progress of a run and easily allow changes.
  • Up to 5 user defined STAT positions. Save valuable time by programming the next worklist while another worklist is running, or simply check reagent and cuvette inventories to prepare for the next run.
  • RFID technology eliminates the need to manually program reagents. When the smart reagent wedge is placed anywhere in the reagent area, EasyRA identifies location, number of samples remaining, sample volumes, and expiration dates.
  • Reagents include a wireless RFID chip that contains all test information, alerts the user to calibration intervals, and allows for automatic usage tracking and reagent inventory management.
Intentionally Easy to learn
  • The EasyRA analyzer has a simple and intuitive touchscreen user interface and Four color-coded icons guide the technician through all analyzer functions that makes operation easy and guarantees rapid training for all user skill levels. Lab technicians become experts with minimal training thanks to a simple and intuitive user interface
Intentionally Easy to Maintain
  • The user interface allows easy tracking of all routine maintenance activities. Replacement procedures are straightforward. User Interface walks users through replacement steps.
  • A modular design makes the EasyRA analyzer simple to maintain for users and service technicians, ensuring maximum uptime.
  • Components commonly requiring maintenance are “Maintenance Free” to the user. No Changing Bulbs for Xenon Flash Lamp and No changing of syringe tips for Ceramic Pistons – Dilutor