Medica EasyBloodGas is designed to meet the laboratory’s need to deliver sample results economically. Compact electrode design and precise control of calibrator volumes ensure economical operation and a low cost per sample.

Medica’s EasyBloodGas analyzer measures pH, PCO2, and PO2 and calculates 11 additional parameters. Patient parameters, including FIO2 and Hb, can be entered using the digital keypad and integrated into patient results. Measured and calculated results are displayed and printed. Simple menus guide the user through analyzer operation.

Simple Menu operation with a touch of keypad
  • Simple Yes/No prompted operation
  • Small footprint
  • Small sample size & faster results
  • Automatic or on-demand calibration
Analyzer operation has never been simpler
  • The Universal Sampler adapts to both syringe and capillary samples.
  • The sample probe’s self-wiping feature provides convenience, sample integrity and user safety.
Compact reagent module for convenience, economy and safety
  • Bulky gas tanks are replaced with liquid
  • Reagent Module contains liquid calibrants and also collects waste
  • The Reagent Module’s solid-state memory enables EasyBloodGas to track date code and reagent usage
Simple to Maintenance
  • Innovative design simplifies maintenance
  • Modularity makes assembly and disassembly quick and easy
  • Removal of the three plug-in modules—Reagent Module, Sensor Module and Valve Module—is accomplished without tools
  • Disposable, maintenance-free electrodes
Comprehensive quality control and data management
  • QC program and store complete statistics for the last 30 days @3 level
  • A printed Levey-Jennings chart visually identifies trends.
  • The data management program compares all patient results with ranges stored in memory and flags out-of-range results.