Hemoglobin Analyzer

H8 HbA1c Analyzer
The fully automated Lifotronic H8 Hemoglobin Analyzer offers the fast throughput of HbA1c result, with Hb variant detection, providing the outstanding solution for quick and reliable diabetic monitoring.

HPLC Technoogy
● NGSP and IFCC certified
Fully Automated – To Minimize Operation Hassles
● Primary Tube Sampling with Cap Piercing
● Fully Automated Start-up, Maintenanceand Shutdown Barcode Scanner for Sample Identification
Precise and Realiable – To Serve You Consistently
● HbA1c Inter & Intra Measuring CV’s ≤1.5% to Enable Exceptional Result Management
● Superior Quality Chomatographic Resolution to Eliminate Interferences
Compact Size – To Minimize Space Requirements
● Small Footprint Reduces Bench Space Needed