Established in 2008, Lifotronic is a professional international medical enterprise dedicated to develop better products and services with outstanding value for people’s health and life, fostering a culture of dedication, professionalism, integrity and innovation. As a professional medical device manufacturer, Lifotronic specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of Bedside Treatment and Diagnostic products.

10000 hospitals in China and over 60 countries worldwide with our regional distribution partners. Lifotronic has established a fast growing IVD diagnostic product line with 4 major technology platforms; High Performance Liquid Chromatography Diagnostic Platform-HbA1c Analyzer, Lateral Flow Immunoassay Diagnostic Platform, Nephelometry Diagnostic Platform-Specific Protein Analyzer and Urine ACR Analyzer,Electro-chemiluminescence (eCLIA) Diagnostic Platform,also is the exclusive partner with Sysmex in China.