ESR Analyzer

One of the hallmarks of reliable ESR instruments is their ease of use. They are controlled completely automatically and can be used on the ward, by doctors or in the laboratory. The instruments use infra-red measuring technology which, compared to the visual method applied on manual ESR systems, guarantees better reproducibility of results.

The measurement of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is made in a closed system. The user thus does not come into contact with patient blood. All ESR instruments feature "permanent system access". This means that the instrument's measuring channels can be permanently filled with tubes and the individual analyses carried out independently of each other in chronological terms. The ESR instruments are available in three different sizes. The reader with 100 measuring channels is suitable for medium-sized to large laboratories. The reader with 20 measuring channels has been designed especially for small to medium-sized laboratories. The third instrument with 10 measuring channels is suitable for small laboratories or for use in doctors' surgeries. All VACUETTE® ESR instruments operate in accordance with the Westergren method.