Greiner Bio-One is a leading technology partner to academia, research establishments, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries on a global basis. The company has state-of-the-art production facilities in Europe, the United States, Brazil, and Thailand.
The Preanalytics division focus on primary specimen collection for clinical applications and is one of the worlds leading providers of evacuated blood collection systems.
In the healthcare sector sharps injuries account for most work-related transmissions of infectious diseases, whereby needlestick injuries present by far the greatest risk. More than 50% of all registered cases concern nursing staff, followed by doctors and laboratory staff. However, needlestick injuries need not be an occupational risk. By using VACUETTE® Safety Products, this danger can be virtually eliminated. Furthermore, by working with VACUETTE® Safety products you are compliant with criteria given in the EU Directive (EU 2010/32).Greiner Bio one has product safety to protect nurses and patients in the process of sampling specimen, safety product included;
1. Vacuum tube with pull-twist
2. tourniquet disposable
3. quickshield safety holder
4. safety wing needles
5. safety lancet
6. Secondary tube with pull-twist.