Sysmex Japan

  • Freedom to configure the analysers to match the operational needs of the laboratory.
  • Ability to add on optional clinical applications to cater for the changing clinical needs.
  • Tailored made solutions for maximum workflow efficiency with user-defined rules for slide preparation, archiving etc.

DFI Diagnostics Korea

DFI's R&D team has been researching and developing to manufacture diagnostic medical supplies, cooperating with various organizations such as KIST (the Korea Institute of Science & Technology) and famous research professors in diagnostic business circles.

Medica USA

Medica’s EasyRA® analyzer is a fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer that accommodates the diverse needs of small laboratories.

Hanter IT Sweden

Hanter IT has a long and successful tradition of business cooperating with industries and organizations of different type and scale. Even though with time comes new design and new electronics, Hanter’s goal is still the same: to produce reliable and future safe pneumatic tube systems. Our commitment is to make systems more and more user-friendly, flexible and adapted for new tasks.